Introducing the New Agrarians

         1 adjective : having recently come into existence

agrar·i·an \ə-ˈgrer-ē-ən\,
         1 adjective : of or relating or land or its tenure
         2 noun : a member of an agrarian movement

The New Agrarians : Pierce Pettis, Kate Campbell & Tom Kimmel
         1a noun : an esteemed trio of singer-songwriters founded in the spirit of the South’s rich tradition of music, history, place and poetry
         1b noun : a whole lot of fun laughing and crying, storytelling and singing in glorious harmony

“These guys are special beyond words. Three of my very favorites.”
—Eddie Owen, Red Clay Theater, Duluth (Atlanta), GA

“Three of the best singer-songwriters you’ll ever hear on one stage.”
—Judy Peiser, Center for Southern Folklore, Memphis, TN